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Session 76 - Exploding Stars.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Great Hall,

[76.05] The supersoft X-ray source RXJ0537.6-7033

M. Orio (U Wisconsin and Torino), G. Massone (Torino), M. D. Valle (U Padova), H. Ogelman (U Wisconsin)

The super-soft X-ray source RXJ0537.6-7033 was observed with the ROSAT PSPC in four occasions in 1992 and 1993 and it was found to be a weak, variable X-ray source with a super--soft spectrum. Optical observations suggest the identification with a variable optical star with the line of He II at 4686 Å\ in emission. The line is redshifted by about 4 Å\, suggesting the LMC membership. The evidence suggests that it is another "CAL 87--type'' source.

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