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Session 76 - Exploding Stars.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Great Hall,

[76.04] EUV Sources and Transients Detected by the ALEXIS Satellite

D. Roussel-Dupre, T. Pfafman, J. Bloch, J. Theiler (LANL)

LANL's ALEXIS satellite, containing six wide field of view EUV telescopes is a sky monitor/survey experiment, and with each 50 second rotation, the satellite's six telescopes scan nearly half of the sky. This paper will discuss the number and types of point sources that have been revealed in the ALEXIS data to date. We will also discuss the ALEXIS unique observational results of known transient systems such as the superoutbursts of the Cataclysmic Variables VW Hyi, U Gem and AR UMa, and the effort for fast detection of EUV transients which has resulted in three, rapid response target of opportunity observations of the ALEXIS error box by EUVE.

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