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Session 76 - Exploding Stars.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Great Hall,

[76.02] Time-Resolved Optical Observations of the Magnetic CV EUVE_J1429-38.0

B. Roberts, N. Craig (CEA/UCB), S. Howell (PSI), P. McGee (U. Adelaide)

We present time-resolved spectroscopic and photometric observations of the AM Her type magnetic variable EUVE_J1429-38.0. Previous work resulted in some ambiguity as to its period, which we can now clarify using new 8 km s^-1 time-resolved spectra obtained with the 1.5 m telescope at CTIO in December 1995 and February 1996, covering 3600--7600 ÅIn addition, unfiltered CCD time-series photometry, and VRI\/ photometry were obtained in February 1996 from Woomera, Australia. Our preliminary analysis indicates that the spectroscopic radial velocities and the photometric light curve both show a dominant modulation consistent with a period of 142 min, in agreement with the previously published EUV photometry. EUVE_J1429-38.0 was fainter during the February observations, possibly indicating that the CV was in a low state at the time, and the photometric light may have been dominated by the secondary star. This work is supported by NASA contract NAS5-29298 and NASA grant NAG5-2902.

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