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Session 76 - Exploding Stars.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Great Hall,

[76.01] A New Magnetic CV: EUVE J2115-58.6

M. M. Sirk, N. Craig, D. Christian, B. Roberts (CEA/UCB), S. Howell (PSI), P. McGee (U. Adelaide)

We report on a newly identified magnetic cataclysmic variable, EUVE J2115-58.6, observed as part of the EUVE\/ Optical ID Campaign on 1995 December 10 with the 1.5 m telescope at CTIO\@. An optical counterpart for EUVE J2115-58.6 has been identified and has the following position: R.A. = 21^h15^m41^s, Decl.\ = -58d40\arcmin 54\arcsec, well within the source error circle. The newly identified star has an estimated m_V = 16.0 and is probably an AM Her-type cataclysmic variable. We present an optical spectrum that clearly shows the characteristic signatures of a magnetic cataclysmic variable: A blue continuum with Balmer, He \sc i, and Ca \sc ii emission lines, plus strong He \sc ii emission. We provide an estimate of the orbital period based on optical photometry. This newly discovered cataclysmic variable was detected during the EUVE all-sky survey in the Lexan/B band (5.8--17.4 nm, 0.07--0.21 keV) on 1992 October 20, during the gap-filling on 1993 April 19, and during a 1000 s EUVE\/ guest observer pointing. The EUV source showed a count rate of 0.056 counts s^-1 during the all-sky survey, and 0.112 counts s^-1 in the Deep Survey observations. This work is supported by NASA contract NAS5-29298 and NASA grant NAG5-2902.

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