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Session 72 - Late Type Stars and Planetary Nebulae.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[72.06] Comparitive Intensity and Density Mapping of NGC 40

T. Ray, C. T. Daub (SDSU)

2D spectro-imaging of the planetary nebula NGC 40 was done to create spatially resolved intensity and electron density images. The CCD images taken in H\beta, [S \sc ii] \lambda6717, and [S \sc ii] \lambda\lambda6717, 6731 were calibrated, then correlated, by using NGC 40 istelf as a flux calibration standard through previously published spectroscopic and photometric data. A comparison of the resultant intensity and density maps reveals some interesting features and correlations. For example, the bright lobes of NGC 40 are not associated with the highest densities, but are, in fact, aligned along moderate density troughs. The highest densities we record are on the extremities of the nebula, beyond the bright lobes. We have done some basic modeling in a attempt to identify a 3-D structure that reproduces the essential features of the observed 2-D intensity and density maps.

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