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Session 72 - Late Type Stars and Planetary Nebulae.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[72.04] Binary models of assymetric winds from late type stars

N. Mastrodemos, M. Morris (UCLA)

One of the most plausible scenarios for the formation of asymmetric molecular envelopes from AGB stars and bipolar preplanetary nebulae, involves a mass losing red giant in the presence of a binary companion in a detached or common envelope configuration. The likelihood of the detached binary system scenario in the formation of asymmetric and bipolar flows is assessed by constructing 3-Dimensional Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic wind models. We investigate the effects of the binary companion, on an otherwise spherically symmetric dust-driven wind, as a function of the binary mass ratio and separation and we examine the importance of various heating and cooling mechanisms. We also produce models of outflows emanating from a tidally spun-up primary. In particular we examine whether appropriate conditions can arise that will allow the formation of an accretion disk around the secondary and of an exterior disk beyond the outer Lagrangian point of the system as proposed by Morris (1987,PASP,99,1115).

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