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Session 72 - Late Type Stars and Planetary Nebulae.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[72.03] Superwind Models for the Dust Shells around OH/IR Stars

T. J. Jones (U. Minn), K. -W. Suh (ChungbukNU)

We investigate the observational effects of a 'superwind' mass loss phase driven by a thermal pulse in the interior of Late AGB stars. Radiative equilibrium models of dust shells around red giants that contain an enhancement in the dust density distribution over a discrete range in radii are computed. The emergent model spectral energy distribution is compared with observations. Superwind dust shell models with a distant detatched enhancement fit the observations of very dusty OH/IR stars better than conventional model density distributions. However,superwind models with the enhancement detatched but in close to the condensation radius produce peculiar results not seen in OH/IR stars.

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