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Session 71 - Stellar Activity/Starspots.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[71.10] Stagnation Zones in the Atmospheres of Hot Stars with Rotation and Magnetic Fields

M. Maheswaran (U Wisconsin Centers)

The possible existence of stagnation zones in the atmospheres of hot stars with rotation and magnetic fields is considered. Solutions of the structure equations for atmospheres in axially symmetric stars are obtained. Gravity, centrifugal force, lorentz force and forces due to radiation are included in the models considered. The solutions that are obtained in this study require the presence of a nonzero transverse component of the magnetic field at the equator. It is also found that magnetic fields that are purely radial in the equatorial region cannot help maintain stagnation zones in such a region. Results for some of the cases studied are presented. These results may have useful applications in the study of wind compressed disks.

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