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Session 71 - Stellar Activity/Starspots.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[71.08] Starspots on CG Cygni during 1994 and 1995

P. A. Heckert (Western Carolina Univ.)

I report BVRI photometry from Mt. Laguna Observatory on CG Cygni during 1994 and 1995. Both years, I have complete light curves in each photometric band. Using the Information Limit Optimization Technique, I modeled the data to find the size and location of the starspots for each year. After removing the effects of the starspots, I performed clean fits for binary star parameters. In 1994, I find two spots each at an assumed latitude of 45 degrees. For the spot longitudes I get 258 and 119 degrees. For the radii I get 9.3 and 6.0 degrees. In 1995, I find one spot at longitude 259, latitude 54, and radius 17 degrees. Apparently one of the 1994 spots increased in size while the other disappeared. The results of the clean fits agree well with previous work. The one exception is that I find a smaller mass ratio, q=M2/M1, than most previous workers. Averaged over all four bands, I get q=0.53 in 1994 and q=0.81 in 1995. Continued work will help pin down this parameter. Ron Angione scheduled generous amounts of telescope time at Mt. Laguna Observatory. Financial support was provided by a Cottrell College Science Award of the Research Corporation, the AAS Small Grants Program, and Western Carolina University.

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