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Session 71 - Stellar Activity/Starspots.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[71.02] Optical Identifications of Fainter Late-type Stars from EUVE and ROSAT Detections

D. J. Christian, N. Craig, B. Roberts, M. L. Lampton, M. Mathioudakis, J. J. Drake (CEA/UCB), M. Mathioudakis (CEA/UCB, Queen's U., Belfast), J. J. Drake (CfA)

We present results of the continuing optical campaign to identify sources detected in the 100 Å\ Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE\/) all-sky survey that are also detected in the ROSAT\/ 0.25 keV band. This paper concentrates on a dozen sources for which the optical counterparts are identified as Me stars. Data were obtained in 1995 December and 1996 February using the CTIO 1.5 m Cassegrain with resolution of 8 km s^-1 and covering a bandpass of 3500--6700 ÅAll spectra show the Balmer series and Ca H amp; K lines in emission. We present source identifications, spectral classes, distances, visual magnitudes, estimated hydrogen column densities, and the EUVE and ROSAT count rates. Implications for the fainter end of the EUV \log N-\log S distribution will be discussed. This work was supported by NASA contract NAS5-29298.

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