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Session 70 - Solar Flares and Ejections.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[70.05] Structure of a Model Flaring Solar Loop as Seen in Hard X-Rays

G. D. Holman (NASA/GSFC)

I have computed the spatial structure of the nonthermal bremsstrahlung x-ray emission from a model coronal loop with a cusp, similar to flaring loops observed at the solar limb by Yohkoh. The x-ray emission originates from a power-law distribution of energetic electrons injected into the loop at the top of the cusp. I will show simulated images of the x-ray emission from these electrons, and the variation of these images with the plasma density in the loop. The results demonstrate that a compact x-ray source can be present in the corona, at the cusp or the top of the loop, even when the plasma density at this location is not enhanced over the density in the rest of the loop. A compact coronal x-ray source comparable to that observed with Yohkoh is obtained with a loop density on the order of 10^11 cm^-3. The spatial dependence of the x-ray spectrum and of energy deposition into the loop plasma by the energetic electrons will be shown.

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