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Session 70 - Solar Flares and Ejections.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[70.02] Stability of Electron Distributions that result from Transit-Time Damping

G. Lenters, J. A. Miller (Physics Dept., UAH)

We consider the acceleration of electrons from thermal to relativistic energies by resonant interactions with fast mode waves in solar flares. Fast mode waves posses a compressive magnetic field that is able to couple to the parallel electron velocity via the Landau resonance and thereby change the electron's energy. We present results from a quasilinear code that describes the evolution of the electron distribution function in parallel velocity space. This code includes the diffusion that results from resonance with the waves, as well as Coulomb collisions. We examine the stability of the resulting electron distribution and show that it will readily excite lower hybrid waves, that in turn will isotropize the electrons and further enhance the already high efficiency of this process. Applications to impulsive solar flares will also be presented.

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