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Session 69 - The Solar Dynamo and Helioseismology.
Display session, Thursday, June 13
Tripp Commons,

[69.06] The Shape of Solar Oscillation Eigenfunctions

J. Schou (Stanford)

Helioseismic images of the Sun have generally been processed assuming that their observed surface behavior is given by perfect spherical harmonics, although it is well known that this is only an approximation. Among the neglected effects are the distortion of the modes by differential rotation and the neglect of the transverse component of the surface velocity in the reduction.

In this poster I will discuss these approximations and their possible effects on the mode power spectra and the deduced frequencies. While some of the effects are rather small others are easily visible in the observed power spectra.

I will show results of analyzing various datasets to look for these effects. While it appears that some of the results are as theoretically expected others are more difficult to understand. It is the hope that we will be able to obtain more reliable and precise mode parameters by taking these effects into account in the analysis of data from projects such as SOI/MDI and GONG.

This research is supported by the SOI-MDI NASA contract NAG5-3077 at Stanford University.

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