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Session 65 - New Views of the Magellanic Clouds - II.
Oral session, Wednesday, June 12
Historical Society,

[65.02] The Star-Formation History of the Large Magellanic Cloud

T. A. Smecker-Hane (UCI), J. S. Gallagher III (U. Wisc.), P. Hodge (U. Wash.), P. B. Stetson (NRC/HIA/DAO)

We present a new color-magnitude diagram of field stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) that reaches from the tip of the red giant branch to below the oldest main-sequence turnoff. We compare the color-magnitude diagram and luminosity function with models created with the Padova stellar evolutionary tracks, and we discuss the constraints on the star formation and chemical enrichment history of the LMC. i We find evidence for a burst in the star-formation rate approximately 2 to 3 Gyr ago, similar to the results of other recent studies. In addition, the redness of the faintest main-sequence turnoff/subgiant branch argues for the existence of a relatively old (12 Gyr), metal-rich ([Fe/H]\approx -1.2) component in the LMC.

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