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Session 64 - Disks and Bipolar Outflows from Hot Stars - II.
Oral session, Wednesday, June 12
Union Theater,

[64.02] Observed Properties of Outflows and Accretion Disks Associated with Massive Star Formation

E. Churchwell, D. Shepherd (Univ. Wisconsin)

The observational properties of molecular outflows and accretion disks associated with massive star formation will be reviewed and the range of outflow properties as a function of the luminosity of the central star will be examined. The distribution, mass, and dynamics of the outflowing material provide information on the duration, energetics, and collimation of the early mass-losing phase of the progenitor star. They are also necessary to constrain various theories that have been proposed to explain molecular outflows. The properties of several outflows from massive young stellar objects which have been studied in some detail will be presented and their implications for the process of star formation and possible implications for the properties of accretion disks will be discussed.

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