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Session 63 - First Results from the Infrared Space Observatory.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Great Hall,

[63.04] ISO Spectroscopy of Bright Galactic Nuclei

E. Sturm, E. Egami, R. Genzel, D. Kunze, D. Lutz, D. Rigopoulou (MPE), H. Feuchtgruber, S. Schaeidt (ESA-VILSPA and MPE), A. Moorwood (ESO), T. deGraauw (SRON), H. Netzer, A. Sternberg (Tel Aviv Univ.)

We present spectra of starburst galaxies, ultraluminous infrared galaxies and active galactic nuclei taken with the ISO SWS spectrometer in the range between 2.5 \mum and 45 \mum. They represent the first results of the central program on bright galactic nuclei which studies the nature of luminous galaxies and the connection between star formation and AGNs.

The spectra unveil a rich variety of diagnostically important ionic, atomic and molecular emission lines, well suited to determine the physical conditions of the circumnuclear regions.

We report first results of model calculations with photoionization codes and compare the properties of the different types of galaxies.

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