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Session 63 - First Results from the Infrared Space Observatory.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Great Hall,

[63.01] An ISO Study of the Infrared-Radio Correlation within NGC6946

N. Lu, G. Helou, S. Lord, C. A. Beichman, S. Malhotra (IPAC), R. Tuffs, D. Lemke (MPIA-Heidelberg), D. J. Hollenbach, R. H. Rubin (NASA-ARC), H. Thronson (U. Wyoming), G. Stacey (Cornell), H. Dinerstein (U. Texas), M. W. Werner (JPL), D. A. Hunter (Lowell Obs.), K. Y. Lo (U. Illinois)

The ISO-PHOT instrument was used to obtain a fully-sampled map of the active spiral galaxy NGC 6946 at 60 \mum, with an effective resolution on the order of 45 \arcsec (Tuffs et al. 1996). The C-100 3x3 pixel array was used, with a filter identical to the IRAS 60 \mum band. While consistent with the IRAS HiRes map at the same wavelength, this map shows better spatial detail, especially at lower surface brightness. This map is compared to 6-cm and 21-cm radio maps from the VLA (Beck et al. 1996) in order to examine the behavior of the infrared-to-radio ratio within the disk of the galaxy. We detect variations in this ratio on the order of 20% or more within the disk of the galaxy, apart from variations between the central region and the disk.

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