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Session 62 - Comet Hyakutake Encounter.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Great Hall,

[62.02] Ulysses Comet Watch Network Observations of Comets deVico and Hyakutake

C. C. Petersen, J. C. Brandt, Y. Yi (LASP/U. Colorado, Boulder)

Cometary interactions with the solar wind present us with one way to use comets as unique probes of the inner regions of the heliosphere. During their close passage to the Sun, comets are exposed to different environments depending on their solar latitude. The Ulysses Comet Watch incorporates in-situ measurements made by the ULYSSES spacecraft with images contributed by a world-wide network of observers (both amateur and professional). This paper presents some very preliminary results from this observational collaboration. The comets of interest are de Vico (122P) and Hyakutake (C/1996 B2), and focuses on plasma tail structure and evolution.

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