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Session 60 - Multiple Stars.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Great Hall,

[60.08] Multiband Photometry of Southern Very Short Period Eclipsing Binaries. I. V676 Centauri

J. D. Gray, R. G. Samec, S. L. Woissol (Millikin U.)

In this paper, we extend our study of solar-type binaries near the the low period limit to include Southern hemisphere systems. Observations are being taken at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile. Here, we report B,V,R,I observations of V676 Centauri. Our three nights of data were taken in May of 1991 with a dry ice cooled Ga-As photometer attached to the 1.0-m reflector. Two new primary and two secondary epochs of minimum light were determined from the observations, and more than 100 minima were collected from the literature. Our period study spans some 35 years. The light curves show a rather large difference in eclipse depths for a W UMa binary. An O'Connell effect lends evidence of spot activity in this very short period ( 0.291 d) system. A preliminary photometric analysis of the light curves is presented.

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