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Session 60 - Multiple Stars.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Great Hall,

[60.06] The Radial Velocity Curves of the Two Components of the Spectroscopic Binary GJ 372AB, a Double M-Dwarf System

J. J. B. Harlow (PSU)

GJ 372 was recently found to be a spectroscopic binary (Upgren, A.R. and Harlow, J.J.B. 1996, PASP 108, 64). It has an orbital period of 48 days and radial velocity semi-amplitudes of 31 km\ s^-1 for the primary and 39 km\ s^-1 for the secondary. The radial velocity curves of both components of GL372AB are presented for the first time. The mass ratio of the two components is measured to be 1.28 \pm 0.04. The flux ratio at 5300Åof 2.39 \pm 0.71 implies a spectral class difference of 1\pm0.3 subclasses. Photometry and parallax measurements from the literature suggest a spectral class for the primary of M1.5V \pm 1 subclass, and a corresponding range for the secondary of M2.5V \pm 1 subclass.

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