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Session 57 - Astrophysical Diagnostics from Polarimetry.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Tripp Commons,

[57.18] Submillimeter Polarimetry of the Orion Molecular Cloud

D. A. Schleuning, C. D. Dowell, S. R. Platt, R. H. Hildebrand (U. Chicago)

We present far-infrared and submillimeter polarization maps of the Orion Nebula. Maps at 100 \mum with 35" resolution are compared with maps at 350 \mum and 450 \mum with 16" resolution. We present empirical relationships that show a systematic decrease of polarization with optical depth, but a systematic increase of polarized flux with optical depth. The polarization is also seen to increase with wavelength. There is good pixel to pixel uniformity in the polarization angles and smooth systematic structure on scales of 2-5 arc minutes. The angle of polarization is uniform over the KL infrared peak and the polarized flux is greatest on the ridge connecting the KL peak and the southern submillimeter source.

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