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Session 55 - Space Instrumentation.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Tripp Commons,

[55.05] The EUVE Right Angle Program (RAP)

J. Sommers, D. Christian, N. Craig, H. Jessop, B. Stroozas (CEA/UCB)

The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer\/ (EUVE\/) has three scanning telescopes that observe in a direction perpendicular to that of the primary guest observer (GO) telescope---the Deep Survey/Spectrometer (DS/S). During the first 6 months of the EUVE mission, the scanning telescopes were used to conduct an all-sky survey consisting of short exposures (\sim 500 s) of the entire sky between 58--740 ÅThese telescopes are now being used during GO observations to conduct simultaneous long exposure (typically 40+ ks) observations as part of the very successful---and publicly accessible---EUVE\/ Right Angle Program (RAP). To date, the EUVE\/ RAP has provided photometric and timing data on late-type stars and CVs and has been responsible for detecting dozens of previously unknown extreme ultraviolet sources, including many stars without optical counterparts. This poster presents some of the exciting results found with EUVE\/ RAP data, along with general information about the program and instructions for submitting RAP proposals. This work is supported by NASA contract NAS5-29298.

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