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Session 55 - Space Instrumentation.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Tripp Commons,

[55.04] Zero-Shift EUVE Science Payload Operations

B. A. Stroozas, P. Ringrose, G. C. Kaplan, D. Biroscak, J. V. Vallerga (CEA/UCB), R. F. Malina (CEA/UCB, CNRS)

The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer\/ (EUVE\/) Project at the Center for EUV Astrophysics (CEA) at the University of California, Berkeley, is now functioning in a ``zero-shift" science payload operations scenario. Whereas traditional satellite mission operations are conducted by human controllers working in three separate shifts on a 24 hour/day basis, zero-shift payload operations completely eliminate the need for human operators to support routine console activities. This poster discusses the transition from a single- to a zero-shift payload operations environment: its purpose, the goals and benefits, the instrument health and safety considerations, the multiphased implementation approach, and the lessons learned along the way. This work has been funded by NASA contract NAS5-29298.

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