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Session 54 - Ground and Instrumentation Techniques and Catalogs.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Tripp Commons,

[54.20] The Astronomical Data Center

N. G. Roman (Hughes STX, NASA/Goddard)

The Astronomical Data Center, as of mid-March, contained 779 catalogs and extensive tables from 636 journal articles. On the average, the archives grows by 9 catalogs and 12 journal articles each month. These files are on-line on a workstation from which they can be retrieved quickly by FTP. They cover the entire field of non-solar-system astronomy in addition to a few files concerning solar-system objects. The holdings are primarily derived from ground-based observations, theory, and supporting physics although they do include a limited amount of space data, such as the IRAS catalogs and several ultraviolet photometry catalogs.

>From the ADC World Wide Web pages, it is possible to search for files related to a particular area of interest. Currently, this permits an Isite search of the documents that accompany the files. In the ner future, it will be possible to click on a selected keyword. The ADC has also prepared two CD-ROMs that contain 174 of the largest catalogs and those requested most frequently. Each of these disks is available in both ASCII and FITS format.

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