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Session 54 - Ground and Instrumentation Techniques and Catalogs.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Tripp Commons,

[54.18] Atomic Data for Permitted Resonance Lines

D. A. Verner, E. M. Verner, G. J. Ferland (U. Kentucky)

We present a compilation of vacuum wavelengths, energy levels, statistical weights, transition probabilities and oscillator strengths for permitted resonance spectral lines of all ions of 18 astrophysically important elements (H through Si, and S, Ar, Ca and Fe). Using our compilation of experimental energy levels, we derived accurate wavelengths for 5599 lines of 1828 ground-term multiplets which have gf-values calculated in the Opacity Project. We recalculated the Opacity Project multiplet gf-values to oscillator strengths and transition probabilities of individual lines, and improved them by use of experimental energies of transitions. For completeness, we added 372 resonance lines of Ne \sc I, Ar \sc I, Fe \sc I and Fe \sc II ions which are not covered by the Opacity Project. Intercombination and forbidden lines are not included in the present compilation. The data in electronic form are available through a WWW server ``Atomic Data for Astrophysics'',\simverner/atom.html.

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