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Session 54 - Ground and Instrumentation Techniques and Catalogs.
Display session, Wednesday, June 12
Tripp Commons,

[54.12] IMPP: The far-infrared IMaging Photometer and Polarimeter for SOFIA

D. Clemens, L. Deutsch, J. Jackson, T. Bania, R. Yelle (Boston University)

If constructed, the SOFIA far-infrared IMaging Photometer and Polarimeter (IMPP) will be capable of performing simultaneous dual-wavelength (60 amp; 80 \mum) wide-field (2 \times 4 arcmin) imaging and dual-polarization (70 \mum) polarimetric imaging. The broad photometric (20 \mum) and polarimetric (40 \mum) bandpasses and 7 arcsec diffraction-limited pixels will permit background-limited faint object detection and mapping. The dual-wavelength capability will enable acquiring flux and spectral index maps simultaneously, using a single telescope pointing and integration. The dual-polarization capability will provide the highest precision magnetic field maps possible with current technology. IMPP will be a general purpose instrument capable of addressing a wide range of astrophysical studies involving young protostellar environments, normal and starburst galaxies, and solar systems as well as providing follow-up, high resolution imaging of ISO, WIRE, 2MASS, and SIRTF targets. Design and construction of IMPP will meet current and future needs for state-of-the-art airborne far-infrared imaging science, demonstrate instrumentation and operations concepts for future space missions (such as a magnetic field mapping mission), educate young instrumentalists, and provide opportunities for transferring interest and enthusiasm for science to many K-12 teachers.

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