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Session 52 - First Results from the Infrared Space Observatory.
Oral session, Wednesday, June 12

[52.07] The Debris ISO Key Project: Early Release Observations

E. E. Becklin, M. Silverstone, B. Zuckerman, C. Spangler (UCLA), A. Sargent, P. Goldreich, V. Mannings (Caltech)

The ISO Dust Debris key project is a collaboration between UCLA and Caltech to study the physical nature and evolutionary history of dust debris clouds around solar mass stars. The sample objects include F and G stars within 20 pc of the Sun, as well as members of nearby open clusters and weak-line T Tauri stars. The 60 and 100 micron observations, made with ISOPHOT, consist of broadband single- element photometry plus far-infrared imaging with a small array. Approximately 15 nearby and cluster stars were released during February 1996 for early observations to assess the performance of ISO. The results of these early release observations, and their effect upon the Debris program, will be discussed. Issues concerning signal-to-noise and calibration will be addressed.

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