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Session 44 - The Local Diffuse ISM.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Great Hall,

[44.09] Multiple Explosion Models for the Local Bubble

R. K. Smith, D. P. Cox (NASA/GSFC, UWisc)

Observations of soft X-rays, as well as UV measurements, show that the sun is surrounded by a high temperature, low density, cavity. Models explaining this cavity as an old supernova remnant require extremely large supernova energies and high magnetic fields to confine the renmant. This work uses multiple supernova explosions, separated by \sim million years, to model the soft X-ray data from the Wisconsin survey. The calculations are done using ODIN, a 1-dimensional hydrocode using non-equilibrium collisional cooling and supporting multiple explosions with realistic initial conditions.

Additionally, analytic calculations of the collapse of a supernova remnant or superbubble were done to focus the numerical work. When thermal conduction is included, the bubble collapse is self-similar, and the temperature structure can be described by a simple analytic function throughout.

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