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Session 43 - The Diffuse ISM: Milky Way and Beyond.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Great Hall,

[43.02] ALEXIS Measurements of The Diffuse EUV Background: An Update

J. J. Bloch, T. E. Pfafman, B. C. Edwards, B. W. Smith (LANL)

LANL's Array of Low Energy X-ray Imaging Sensors (ALEXIS) satellite has been operating on orbit for three years collecting data on transient EUV sources and the diffuse EUV background. The satellite contains six f/1 normal incidence multilayer mirror telescopes tuned to narrow EUV bandpasses located at 186, 172, and 130 Angstroms. Each telescope has a 33 degree field-of-view, and 0.25 degree spatial resolution. The 186 and 172 bandpasses were chosen to measure the expected intense line emission from Fe IX - Fe XII in the hot, million degree component of the local interstellar medium, thought to produce the soft x-ray background. This poster will discuss the current status and issues in trying to recover maps of the EUV emission from the hot ISM, and the flux limits determined to date. The final results of this study could have a significant impact on the elemental abundance, thermal equilibrium, and emission models of the hot phase of the local interstellar medium.

This work was supported by the Department of Energy.

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