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Session 42 - Molecular Clouds: Models and Observations.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Great Hall,

[42.14] Spatially-Resolved Luminosity-to-Mass Ratios in GMCs

J. R. Deane, J. M. Carpenter, D. B. Sanders (Univ. of Hawaii)

We extend our examination of the spatial variation of the infrared luminosity to molecular gas mass ratio in Galactic molecular clouds to those associated with S140, S155, S235, MonR2, GemOB1 and G216-2.5. Combining these results with previous work on the W3 and NGC7538 GMCs, we examine the relationship between the relative contributions of active star-forming regions and the more quiescent bulk of the total cloud mass. The total, cloud-integrated L_ir/M(H_2) ratios) do not suggest the wide variety of local values found in a given molecular cloud, and uniform levels of activity should not be deduced from similar measurements of distant star-forming material.

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