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Session 42 - Molecular Clouds: Models and Observations.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Great Hall,

[42.06] JHK Photometry of Three Bok Globules in NGC 281

H. H. Guetter, C. B. Luginbuhl (USNO)

IC1590 is a very sparse, young, galactic cluster, centered about the O6V trapezium system HD5005, embedded in the HII region NGC281, and obscured in the south by a dust cloud. According to star counts, the cluster nucleus has a diameter of 6 parsec and contains only 45 \pm 9 members with M_v \leq 3.6 mag. An IR survey was initiated in order to detect any other probable cluster members which are obscured by the dust. Three Bok globules (at various distances from the center) are visible against the nebulosity and have been investigated in the JHK bandpasses, using the USNO HgCdTe IR camera. Among the many field stars observed are three objects which are probable early--type members according to UBV data. Only one IR source was found and is located in the globule closest to HD5005. The question of whether this star is a very heavily reddened cluster member or a background object will be discussed as well as the significance and implications of these results.

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