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Session 41 - Jets and Outflows from YSOs.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Great Hall,

[41.05] Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Stellar Jets with Cooling

A. Noriega-Crespo (IPAC), A. Frank (Hubble Fellow, U. Minn)

Magnetohydrodynamic simulations of jets have a least a decade of history. Only recently, however, the effects of the radiative cooling have been included in particular for jets in the context of young stellar objects.

In this work we present one-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic simulations of stellar jets including cooling, as a preliminary step to understand more complicated two-dimensional models which we are currently studying. The goal of this project is to use the one-dimensional simulations to test our algorithm, to determine the main differences with respect the published adiabatic models and to infer what can be expected in the two-dimensional simulations.

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