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Session 41 - Jets and Outflows from YSOs.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Great Hall,

[41.02] Long-Slit Spectroscopy and Narrow-Band Imaging of the HH7-11 Complex

D. Zucker, K. Olsen, K. -H. Böhm (U. Washington), S. Curiel (UNAM)

We present long-slit optical spectroscopy of the HH7-11 complex at low (\lambda / \Delta \lambda \sim 500) and moderate (\lambda / \Delta \lambda \sim 2500) resolutions, as well as narrow-band images in H\alpha, [S II], [C I] \lambda9849, and continuum filters. We use these spectra to calculate the densities and temperatures as a function of position along the train of HH knots, and apply simple statistical equilibrium models in an effort to explain the anomalously high [C I]/H\alpha ratios (\sim 3.3) observed in this object. In addition we compare our spectroscopic results with the narrow-band images in order to study the spatial variation of the [C I] emission across the complex.

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