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Session 41 - Jets and Outflows from YSOs.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Great Hall,

[41.01] A High Resolution Molecular Line Study of the Bipolar Outflows in the ON2-N Massive Star Forming Region

D. S. Shepherd (U. of Wisconsin, Madison), E. Churchwell (U. of Wisconsin, Madison), D. Wilner (CfA)

We present high spatial resolution images of the ^12CO(J=1-0), SiO(v=0,J=2-1), H^13CO^+(J=1-0) and SO_2(8_3,5 - 9_2,8) emission in the massive star forming region ON2-N. Observations were made with the BIMA mm-wave interferometer. The ^12CO(J=1-0) BIMA data were combined with observations from the NRAO 12m telescope to recover the extended emission in the final images. We find evidence for at least four separate molecular outflows from YSOs within a diameter of 1.5 parsecs. This discovery identifies the area near the ultra compact HII region, G75.78+0.35, as a site of energetic massive star formation.

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