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Session 39 - Curriculum in Crisis: Reinventing Stellar Astrophysics for Today's Graduate Student.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Tripp Commons,

[39.05] Teaching Materials: Stellar Atmospheres/Radiative Transfer

S. L. Hawley (Michigan State Univ.), T. R. Ayres (CASA: Univ. of Colorado)

We will present a selection of modern teaching materials for courses in Stellar Atmospheres and Radiative Transfer that have been collected from a wide variety of sources. We will provide brief synopses of each book, or set of of notes, and endeavor to compare and contrast the different presentations of the material. One of the newer additions to the literature is ``Radiative Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres,'' lecture notes from R.J. Rutten based on courses taught at Utrecht University. In addition, I. Hubeny and D. Mihalas presently are writing a new edition of Mihalas' famous ``Stellar Atmospheres.'' Other books we are aware of range from the planning stages to near completion. We will emphasize the diversity of styles and presentation techniques, but will try to make clear the central themes around which any successful Stellar Atmospheres/Radiative Transfer course must be built.

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