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Session 39 - Curriculum in Crisis: Reinventing Stellar Astrophysics for Today's Graduate Student.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Tripp Commons,

[39.03] The Pandora Atmosphere Program

E. H. Avrett, R. Loeser (CfA)

Pandora is a general-purpose non-LTE computer program for calculating stellar atmospheric models and spectra. We continue to improve and expand the capabilities of this program as we seek better agreement with observations. We also provide extensive documentation and explanation of the computational procedures so that the results are reasonably self explanatory. The Pandora program is available on request to anyone willing to invest the effort needed to become a successful user. Current applications include extensive modeling of the outer atmospheres of the Sun and cooler stars, including time-dependent effects, and the atmospheric response to external ionizing radiation. The program also can be used for simple illustrative studies of optically thick non-LTE spectral line formation for different multilevel atoms and atmospheric models.

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