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Session 39 - Curriculum in Crisis: Reinventing Stellar Astrophysics for Today's Graduate Student.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Tripp Commons,

[39.02] The Future of High Resolution Spectroscopy at Kitt Peak National Observatory

S. Barden, C. Pilachowski, M. Giampapa (NOAO)

Many astronomical studies benefit from observations of celestial objects at high spectral resolving power. Some of the facilities and instrumentation for high dispersion spectroscopy, however, are coming under the threat of closure or are reaching their limit of usefulness due to the small aperture of the telescopes that feed them. Many of the new facilities either don't have sufficient spectral resolution or are located at observatories with very restricted access or scheduling.

KPNO has convened a committee to 1) examine the scientific needs of high resolution spectroscopy, 2) evaluate the facilities which are available to the general astronomical community, and 3) develop and prioritize instrumentation goals for future KPNO facilities. The Committee will also consider policies for scheduling KPNO telescopes to maximize scientific return from high resolution spectrographs, including possible changes to the TAC process and visitor and queue observing modes.

We desire community input and will formulate our report and recommendations over the next seven months.

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