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Session 36 - Solar Activity.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Tripp Commons,

[36.13] Magnetic Loop Emergence in the Solar Atmosphere *

Y. Mok, G. Van Hoven (U. of California-Irvine), Z. Miki\'c (SAIC)

We have studied various mechanisms that lead to the emergence of magnetic loop structures into the solar atmosphere. In addition to vortical photospheric motions that twist the existing coronal field into magnetic loops (poloidal field injection, Van Hoven et al. 1995), we examine the toroidal field/current injection mechanisms that directly bring magnetic flux to the surface from the plasma underneath the photosphere. By specifying a time-dependent emerging magnetic field at the base (photosphere), our simulations show that a potential field can be established in the corona. If electric current is also injected into the atmosphere through the base, with an appropriate relation to the magnetic field, a magnetic loop structure can rise through the surface into the corona, and gradually relax into a near force-free state. Multiple-loop interactions will also be discussed.

* Work supported, in part, by NASA SPT, NSF ATM and AFPL; computational resources provided by NSF and UCI at SDSC, and by DOE at NERSC.

Van Hoven, G., Mok, Y. and Mikic, Z., Ap.J. 1995, 440, L105.

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