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Session 36 - Solar Activity.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Tripp Commons,

[36.12] The Generation of Magnetic Flux Tube Equilibria in the Solar Atmosphere

J. Krall, P. J. Cargill, J. Chen (NRL), D. S. Spicer, S. T. Zalesak (NASA/GSFC)

A longstanding problem in modelling the solar atmosphere in the photosphere and transition region lies in determining the equlibrium structure of the magnetic field. Typically either potential fields or numerical solutions of the magnetostatic equations are used. An alternative method is to solve numerically an initial value problem in which a field that is initially out of equilibrium is allowed to relax, and evolve into a state of equilibrium with respect to the field-free exterior. The generation of strong waves, and their possible reflection at the numerical boundaries has made this technique problematic. However, we have developed a new characteristic implementation of the MHD boundary conditions that minimizes reflection, making dynamical formation of flux tubes equilibria feasible. Results will be presented using this technique. We find that the characteristic canopy feature can be readily generated. The solutions typically have distributed currents throughout their volume, as well as a current sheet at the interface with the field-free external plasma. A comparison of the numerical equilibria with earlier models will be presented.

Work sponsored by ONR.

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