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Session 36 - Solar Activity.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Tripp Commons,

[36.11] Multi-dimensional MHD Simulations of Waves in Solar Magnetic Flux Tubes

P. J. Cargill, J. Chen, J. Krall (NRL), D. S. Spicer, S. T. Zalesak (NASA/GSFC)

Results of the propagation of non-linear MHD waves in multi-dimensional magnetic flux tubes will be presented. Starting with a potential magnetic field whose strength decreases with height, and which spreads out to give the familiar ``canopy'' shape, the evolution of a photospheric impulse is examined. It will be shown that the wave fronts propagate upward with both speeds and degrees of nonlinearity that depend on the location transverse to the photosphere. The propagation speeds are governed by the local characteristic wave speeds, which are functions of both spatial dimensions. Shock formation occurs across part of the flux tube, with slow shocks the most important class formed. The net result is to eject a blob of plasma with limited transverse dimension (a few arc-secs) up into the corona. The relation of these results to EUV jets and spicules will be discussed.

Work sponsored by ONR.

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