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Session 36 - Solar Activity.
Display session, Tuesday, June 11
Tripp Commons,

[36.06] Opacity Effects in Soft X-Ray Spectral Lines of the Solar Corona

J. T. Schmelz, J. C. Chauvin (Rhodes College)

Current literature suggests that several lines in the soft X-ray portion of the coronal spectrum may not be optically thin. Here, we wish to confirm the results of Schmelz, et al (1996, Submitted to Ap.J.) who find no significant opacity effects for three of the brightest non-iron resonance lines in this part of the spectrum -- O VIII at 18.97ÅNe IX at 13.45Åand Mg XI at 9.17ÅA comparison is made between each of these lines and an optically thin ``reference'' line produced by the same element in the same ionization state -- O VIII at 15.18ÅNe IX at 13.55Åand Mg XI at 9.23ÅIn the latter two cases, the comparison line is the intersystem line of the He-like triplet. 33 spectra from the Solar Maximum Mission Flat Crystal Spectrometer are analyzed, all of which were obtained from non-flaring, quasi-stable active regions.

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