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Session 30 - Radio Astronomy, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - I.
Oral session, Tuesday, June 11
Union Theater,

[30.08] The Owens Valley Millimeter Array

A. I. Sargent (California Institute of Technology)

The Owens Valley Millimeter Array comprises six 10.4 m diameter telescopes. It is located in a semi-desert region on the East Side of the Sierra Nevadas at an elevation of 1200 m. The elevation and dry climate allow observations at wavelengths as short as 1 mm. At present, the array operates with dual frequency SIS receivers for the 3mm and 1mm wavelength bands. Continuum observations can be carried out simultaneously at both frequencies, at the same time as spectral line measurements are made in one of the bands. A millimeter-wave polarization capability has also been developed. Ongoing upgrades include extension of the current baselines. Astronomy carried out with the array spans the range from studies of planetary atmospheres, proto-stars and pre-planetary disks, to investigations of mass-loss from evolved stars, to research into galactic structure, nuclear starbursts and high red-shift galaxies.

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