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Session 28 - Stellar Evolution: Beyond the Main Sequence.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Humanities 3650,

[28.03] ROSAT Observations of Classical Novae

M. Orio (U Wisconsin and Torino), H. Ogelman (U Wisconsin)

We observed a number of classical and recurrent novae in the Galaxy and LMC with the ROSAT X-ray telescope and searched the archival data for other serendipitous observations. Preliminary partial results show that only 10 out of 60 observed objects were bright enough in X-rays to be detected with ROSAT, either in outburst or at quiescence. We review the mechansims that cause X-ray emission from classical novae and derive upper limits on the mass accretion rate of quiescent novae and on the length of the constant bolometric luminosity phase after the outburst.

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