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Session 27 - History and Teaching of Astronomy.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Old Madison,

[27.07] ATFTools: Image Analysis Software Developed for Undergraduate Teaching and Research

R. Mutel, E. Downey (Univ. Iowa)

ATFtools is a suite of programs designed to provide simple but powerful set of tools for image analysis and photometry of FITS format images. The programs include tools for displaying and editing FITS headers, calibrating position by pattern matching to the GSC using WCS keywords, cropping and registering multiple images, differential and absolute photometry, automated supernova searches, variable star monitoring, and photometric calibration using images of standard fields. The program interface was designed to be straightforward and easily learned by introductory undergraduate students. The programs have been ported to several UNIX O/S (Solaris, Unixware, Linux) and to MS-Windows 95. In addition, the UNIX port has a powerful image display program available with intereactive photometry and WCS calibration. All programs are freely available by anonymous ftp.

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