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Session 26 - Solar Flares II.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Wisconsin Center,

[26.04] Neutrons and Pion-Decay Gamma-Rays from the Solar Flare of 1991 June 11

P. P. Dunphy, E. L. Chupp (U. of New Hampshire), D. Bertsch (GSFC), E. Schneid, S. Gottesman (Northrup Grumann)

The solar flare of 1991 June 11 was observed by the EGRET Total Absorption Shower Counter (TASC) aboard the CGRO satellite. Analysis of the TASC data over the time period from 400 to 2200 s after flare onset indicates that both neutrons and \gamma-rays from neutral pion decay contributed significantly to the TASC counting rate \sim10 MeV energy loss. The present analysis, which fits the time-integrated energy-loss spectrum, shows the fluence of neutrons above 50 MeV during this time period to be \sim 20 cm^-2 and the fluence of pion-decay \gamma-rays to be about 10 cm^-2. The techniques used to analyze the TASC data, preliminary results from an analysis of the time history of the emissions, and the implications of the observations for the flare ion spectrum will be presented.

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