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Session 24 - General Interstellar Medium.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Historical Society,

[24.05] A Prediction for the Superbubble Size Distribution

M. S. Oey, C. J. Clarke (IoA)

\def\hii\hboxH\thinspaceII \def\hi\hboxH\thinspaceI

Superbubbles created by the stellar winds and supernovae of OB associations are presumed to grow according to the simple analytical expression R\propto(L/n)^1/5t^3/5, where R is the shell radius, L is the mechanical power, and n is the ambient density. This adiabatic model can be combined with the \hii\ region luminosity function to predict a galactic size distribution for superbubbles, that can be compared to those observed by \hi\ surveys of nearby galaxies. Such a comparison can yield insight on the global structure of the interstellar medium and the large-scale effect of massive stars.

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