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Session 23 - High Luminosity AGN and QSOs.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Union Theater,

[23.07] On the Interpretation of [D/H] in QSO Absorption Line Systems

D. G. York, J. W. Truran (U. of Chicago), F. X. Timmes (Clemson U.), J. T. Lauroesch (GSFC)

Heavy element abundances derived for QSO absorption line systems at 2 < z < 4 are used to predict the z dependence of [D/H] in the same systems. The scatter in the heavy element abundances, and the fact that these are actually upper limits, lead us to conclude that a constant value of [D/H] is not expected. Furthermore, the small region actually sampled in the QSO beam may prohibit the necessary averaging over a entire galaxy to see a direct correlation between astration of deuterium and production of heavy elements. These considerations may help resolve the apparent range of a factor of 5 or more found in [D/H] at 2 < z < 5 by different groups studying different systems.

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