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Session 19 - Solar Flares.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Wisconsin Center,

[19.07] X-ray Images of Two Type II Bursts

H. S. Hudson (University of Hawaii)

The Yohkoh soft X-ray telescope has been providing high-resolution images of the counterparts of various meter-wave phenomena. We report here on clear examples of Type II emission in flares of 13 and 20 October, 1995, based upon Culgoora spectral observations. The starting frequencies of the Type II bursts differed greatly, and both showed accompanying Type III and continuum structures. The Type II traces were highly structured. The X-ray images show no sign of concentric wave fronts, as expected from the standard interpretation of the Type II burst phenomenon. Instead we see a series of loops emerging from the flare regions. We interpret the fine structure in the X-ray images as the origin of the patterns in the dynamic radio spectra, and attempt thereby to compare the densities independently inferred from the radio and X-ray observations.

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