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Session 19 - Solar Flares.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Wisconsin Center,

[19.01] Flare Activity Associated with Large-Scale Loops in AR 7260

N. Nitta (LSAL), L. van Driel-Gesztelyi (DSOP)

Active region NOAA AR 7260 (August 1992) is marked as one of the fastest growing regions in solar cycle 22 and has extensively been studied by several workers. We have learned from the Yohkoh SXT data that flares in this region were generally confined rather than eruptive. In addition to the flares, we notice the formation of large-scale X-ray loops connecting the large preceding spot and the emerging flux region as the latter became complexed. One of them produced a LDE after a cusp structure formed on top it. These loops were occasionally observed to erupt, perhaps responsible for coronal mass ejections. Even some of the apparently localized flares may have been due to interactions of compact loops with such large-scale loops. It is possible that they also caused sympathetic flares. We try to understand how such loops formed in the context of evolution of the region, which is known to have consisted of intrinsically twisted magnetic field.

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