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Session 17 - Molecular Clouds and Star Formation.
Oral session, Monday, June 10
Humanities 2650,

[17.07] High Resolution Observations of the Hot, Dense Molecular Gas in G29.96--0.02

P. Hofner (Cologne Submm Obs.), S. Kurtz (UNAM), E. Churchwell (U. Wisconsin), A. Watson (NMSU)

We present high angular resolution observations obtained with the Owens Valley mm-array of CH_3CN(J=6--5) and C^18O(J=1--0), and 2.7\,mm continuum toward the cometary HII region G29.96--0.02.

We find a strong continuum source located at the apex of the cometary HII region, coincident with NH_3(4,4) and 22\,GHz water maser emission. This region is interpreted as a new center of massive star formation, in an evolutionary phase prior to the development of a visible HII region. Here we discuss preliminary models for the continuum emission from this source.

The CH_3CN(J=6--5) line is coincident with the continuum source mentioned above. We derive the physical properties of the molecular gas and comment on a possible abundance enhancement of CH_3CN. Our C^18O observations trace the more extended molecular core associated with this region of massive star formation. Based on a comparison with recent NIR observations of G29.96--0.02, we derive constraints on the distribution of molecular and ionized gas along the line of sight.

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